Nehemiah and the Wall: His Work Completed

This is the last part of our six-piece devotion on Nehemiah. We have been looking at the faithfulness of this man of God. We saw his prayer when he saw the need, the how he prepared the work before starting it, then his response to his enemies threats, and last we saw how he helped his people in more ways than the wall. The last part shows his response when he had the wall nearly completed, and the enemy tried one last thing to disrupt the work.

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Nehemiah and the Wall: His Work Resumes

Even confronted with enemies more powerful and numerous than him, Nehemiah kept doing God’s work. His faith that the Lord would protect the work and bless them kept him going. We have seen how he answered the call to action, how He started the inspection and his response to the enemies plot. Now we will look at his continued efforts, not letting anything slow him down. Not even the threats of a powerful enemy.

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Nehemiah and the Wall: His Adversaries’ Plot

In the first part of our series, we saw Nehemiah’s reaction to hearing the walls of Jerusalem were still torn down, and the inhabitants we not safe from foreign invaders. We looked yesterday at Nehemiah’s inspection of the wall, and we saw the first glimpse of his enemies, those who despised Israel. Today we look at having a mind to work, and the scheming of Nehemiah’s enemies, and what he did to prevent them from coming to fruition.

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Nehemiah and the Wall: His Journey and Inspection

Yesterday we looked at Nehemiah’s call to action and his prayer when he heard of the state of the walls of Jerusalem. We saw how he responded, with fasting and prayer, and prepared himself to do what was needed. Today we see the result of Nehemiah’s fasting and prayer, how God blessed him, and we will see his first actions upon arriving at the Holy City Read more